All materials and wastes official forms are listed alphabetically by form title in the tabs table below.

Alternative Waste Management Project Request Form

Annual Operational Report Forms

Annual Report Forms

Compost Facility Class I & II      



Compost Facility Class III & IV        



Scrap Tire Facility

Scrap Tire Monofill/Monocell

Scrap Tire Transporter

Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO) Forms

Compost Facility Class I & II License Application

Compost Facility Class Registration Forms

Construction & Demolition Debris Facility License Application

Daily Log of Operations

Disposal Fee Forms



CDD Fee Submittal Form (Health Districts)



CDD Fee Submittal Form (CDD or MSW LF)



MSW Fee Submittal Form (MSW Landfill)



MSW Fee Submittal Form (MSW Trans)




Explosive Gas Monitoring Program Forms

Inspection Checklists

Infectious Waste Facility License Application

Infectious Waste Generator Forms

Infectious Waste Reversion to Small Generator Form

Infectious Waste Treatment Tech Evaluation Form

LAMP Forms

Mosquito Control Grant Application Form