Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Facilities

A solid waste transfer facility is any site, location, tract of land, installation, or building that is used or intended to be used primarily for the purpose of transferring solid wastes that are generated off the premises of the facility from vehicles or containers into other vehicles or containers for transportation to a solid waste disposal facility.  A transfer facility is required to obtain an annual license to operate.  New transfer facilities and modifications to old transfer facilities are required to obtain a permit to install.

Ohio EPA does not require a permit or license for legitimate recycling facilities.

Solid waste transfer facilities are inspected quarterly by the licensing authority (either Ohio EPA or the approved local health department)

  • Ohio EPA Answer Place- Enables users to search frequently asked questions, or submit their own question/comment on a variety of Ohio EPA issues and topics. This link is filtered to provide responses specific to municipal solid waste transfer facility  requirements related questions.

What is the permit fee for a transfer facility permit to install?

The permit to install fee is established by  ORC 3734.05(A)(2)(c) and ORC 3745.11(Q):

Each application shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable application fee of four hundred dollars that shall be credited to the general revenue fund. If a permit or license is issued, the amount of the application fee paid shall be deducted from the amount of the permit fee due.

■ Permit Fee for Solid Waste Transfer Facilities = $2,500.00.

■ Permit Fee Balance (due within 30 days of PTI issuance) =$2,500.00.

What are the general requirements for a transfer facility?

1. Facilities must comply with siting, design, operational, and closure requirements in the regulations.

2. Prior to PTI issuance, the owner/operator must submit a disclosure statement to the attorney’s general office.

3. Owner/operator must comply with the financial assurance regulations (execute and fund a final closure financial assurance instrument).

4. Applicant must conduct a public meeting in accordance with the requirements of ORC 3734.05(A)(2)(d).

5. Prior to commencing operations, the owner/operator must obtain an operating license from the local health district.

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