Grant-Funded Brownfield Assistance

Grant-funded assistance is available to eligible local public entities including counties, cities, villages, townships, port authorities, etc. The grant-funded assistance falls into two categories:

  • Targeted Brownfield Assessment (TBA) Program

  • Technical Assistance (TA) for Voluntary Action Program (VAP)

For more information or questions about grant-funded assistance, refer to the links below or call Martin Smith at (614) 644-4829.

Targeted Brownfield Assessment (TBA) Program provides property assessments on brownfield sites at no cost to eligible public entities.

Examples of projects include:

  • Phase I environmental site assessment

  • Certified asbestos inspection of buildings

  • Water quality stream survey by qualified surface water assessment professionals

  • Limited Phase II Property Assessment (Screening evaluation or supplemental assessment)

TBA Application   -   Link for more info

Voluntary Action Program (VAP) grant funding is available to cover costs associated with VAP technical assistance. In general, the volunteer determines the scope of VAP TA review and what questions or issues are evaluated during VAP TA. Exceptions include EIP, MOA or CORF TA reviews because the scopes for these are set by Ohio EPA policy. Some examples of grant-funded technical assistance under VAP includes:

  • Guidance on technical or legal issues related to potential NFA letters or urban setting designation (USD) requests

  • Pre-NFA document review (i.e., review of draft NFA Letters where CNS has not yet been requested)

  • Document review for projects funded by the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund
    Starting with CORF Round 8, all projects approved for funding by the Clean Ohio Council are required to enter into VAP TA.

    VAP Grant TA Application
      -  Link for more info

  • Reviews for the Environmental Insurance Program (EIP)
    EIP Grant TA Application  -  Link for more info

  • Reviews for the VAP Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Track which provides assurance from U.S. EPA that it will not sue for additional cleanup activity.
    MOA Grant TA Application  -  Link for more info

Note: PAYGO accounts, NFA Letter reviews (e.g. requests for CNS), or post-CNS O&M and RMP reviews are not eligible for grant-funded assistance.