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Ohio EPA Launches the Ohio Materials Marketplace - Supporting the New Circular Economy


In a circular economy, all products and by-products recirculate. Over the next few decades, moving to a circular economy will dramatically transform our manufacturing and recycling industries. This contrasts with the past take, make and dispose economy. The new circular economy is attractive to everyone - including private, non-profit and government institutions - because of the combined economic and environmental benefits. Materials will continue to flow in the economy through recycling, remanufacturing, reuse and maintenance. For state policy makers, the question is how can agencies support this change in the material economy, and what programs can accelerate this transition? To help, Ohio EPA is embracing recent advances in software and implementing the Ohio Materials Marketplace, an online platform for companies to post available waste and by product materials that other companies may re-use in their production process.

While government-sponsored materials exchanges have existed throughout the country for decades, the ability to easily electronically post, search, communicate and report available materials and transactions is moving faster with cloud-based software. The Ohio Materials Marketplace leverages the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development’s software package and makes it available for any company or organization with operations in Ohio. Economic and environmental benefits can be measured and tracked through the software.

The Ohio Materials Marketplace is a collaboration of public and private organizations. Ohio EPA is funding the cost of the software and letting the private sector do what it knows how to do best—find value through the efficient use of resources. Supporting the software and program infrastructure fits into Ohio EPA’s mission of protecting human health and the environment. The best examples of this are when human health and the environment is protected while simultaneously creating economic value and jobs for Ohio citizens.