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Ohio EPA Retools Environmental Excellence Awards

The E3 program recognizes organizations committed to environmental excellence at all levels and is open to a wide variety of participants. The program recognizes those who reduce waste, improve efficiency and work to continuously improve as an environmental steward. Applications for the 2016 Silver and Gold Levels are being accepted through Aug. 28, 2015.

Learn the Lingo

Do environmental terms sometimes sound like a foreign language to you? If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses and communities have difficulty keeping up with the latest environmental lingo. This feature in our newsletter will cover some common environmental terms you may encounter.

Water Pollution Control Loan Fund call for 2016 project nominations (August 1-August 31)

Once again, we invite you to nominate projects for assistance from the Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) in 2016. WPCLF funding levels remain high, and depending on demand, Ohio EPA could make up to $1 billion available in 2016 for important water pollution control projects.

Pollution Prevention Case Studies

Follow the leaders.

Stakeholder Input

Public comment periods and stakeholder input opportunities.

Recycling and Litter Prevention Grants Support Ohio Businesses and Communities

Ohio EPA is responsible for implementing statewide waste reduction, recycling, recycling market development, scrap tire and litter prevention programs. Through DEFA, Ohio EPA administers a competitive grant program to support these efforts and in 2015, we awarded close to $4 million dollars to support 82 recycling and litter prevention activities throughout the state.

Updated Fact Sheets

We recently updated several of our fact sheets. Check them out to get information that can help you reduce waste and save money!

Small Business Can Get On-Site Help to Understand Regulatory Requirements

Free and confidential on-site compliance assessments are one of the services DEFA’s Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP) offers to small business owners (100 employees or less).

Going for Gold

In May, 2015 Ohio EPA Director Craig W. Butler presented Sherwin-Williams Breen Technology Center in Cleveland with the gold-level award in Ohio EPA’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence (Ɛ3) program.

Exciting Changes in Store for Ohio EPA’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Award Program

Since initiated in 2011, Ohio EPA’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) program has recognized more than 30 Ohio businesses and organizations making a commitment to environmental excellence. Small to large businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, governments and others who reduce waste, improve efficiency and work to continuously improve their operations have been acknowledged through the program