Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance

Promoting water quality benefits by financing cost-effective and environmentally sound wastewater and drinking water infrastructure improvements and other water resource projects.

Together with the Division of Drinking and Ground Waters (DDAGW) and the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA), we administer the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) and the Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA). We provide specialized assistance to Ohio's small and hardship communities under both programs.

Through the WPCLF, we provide financial and technical assistance to public or private applicants for planning, design and construction of a wide variety of projects to protect or improve the quality of Ohio's water resources. Similarly, through the WSRLA, we assist applicants with projects that address human health and failing drinking water infrastructure needs.

Eligible projects include new drinking water or wastewater infrastructure construction and existing system upgrades, aquatic habitat restoration, home sewage treatment system improvements and agriculture or forestry best management practices to reduce and prevent water pollution.

$1.62 billion

total savings to Ohioans.

$7.2 billion

invested in Ohio.


Ohio entities served.


Interest Rates

The following interest rates are in effect in March 2015
WPCLF/WSRLA Standard Entity  1.80% 
WPCLF/WSRLA Small Systems 1.30% 
WSRLA Affordability Pt. Systems  1.30% 
WPCLF Hardship Community  1% or 0% 
WPCLF Local Loan Capitalization Program (10 years) 0% 
WPCLF/WSRLA Linked Deposit  Refer to the Program Management Plan 
Note: WPCLF/WSRLA construction loans are typically for 20 years, unless noted in the PMP. Shorter term planning and design loans are available.