State Implementation Plan (SIP) - Appendix Information for Fulton County Redesignation Request for the 2008 Annual Lead Standard

Appendix Documents

A1: Attainment Demonstration Analysis and Bunting Modeling
Attachments to Appendix A
   A1A1: AQS Raw Data
   A1A2: AQS Data Summary
   A1B: Bunting Corporation RACM/RACT Analysis
   A1C: September 27, 2011 Bunting Memo Re: Baghouses
   A1D: Air Quality Modeling Demonstration

B1: 2010 Monitoring Plan: Bunting Modeling

C1: Approved Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP)
D1: Bunting Permit-to-Install Permit P0108083
D2: Bunting Permit-to-Install Permit P0121822
D3: Bunting Permit-to-Install Permit P0121942
D4: Bunting Permit-to-Install Permit P0120836
E1: Air Quality System (AQS) Data
F1: TRI Data
G1: Public Hearing Notice
G2: Public Hearing Transcript


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