General Permits - Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products Coating Lines

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Fact Sheet “Calculating Emissions from Painting and Coating Operations”  [PDF]
Emission calculation spreadsheet for calculating emissions of air toxic compounds
Appendix B – Definitions (Rule excerpts of relevant terms and compliance demonstration methods used in General Permits)

Ohio EPA, Division of Air Pollution Control issued four new model general permits (MGPs) September 30, 2015 in place of seven existing MGPs, 3.1 through 3.7, for miscellaneous metal parts painting lines.  The new MGPs were significantly revised based upon public comments received in June 2014.  To view the previous MGPs please contact Erica Engel-Ishida.  

Companies that were issued an older version of a model general permit upon renewal can choose to apply for the new model general permit, following those instructions, or an individual permit requesting the old set of terms and conditions. If the older set is requested, the resulting permit would not be general permit.