Meet Elsa E-Check


Hi!  I am Elsa E-Check!

Before the E-Check program in Ohio I was just like my friend Otto Automobile...

...sick. But now I run much better, not to mention how much pollution no longer gets into the air that everyone breathes. So before we start, let's talk about what types of pollution come out of my tailpipe.




The pollution that we are concerned about is called ground-level ozone. This type of pollution hangs in the air and people breathe it in causing them to get sick.  More than 1 million people in Ohio suffer from chronic lung disease, which is often complicated by poor air quality.

This harmful ozone is formed from pollutants like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. These pollutants are produced whenever a car is running - but there are too many of them coming from cars like Otto. These cars are not taken care of properly, and they begin to run poorly and emit more harmful pollutants than usual. These pollutants are invisible to the eye, so you cannot tell what kind of pollutants your car is emitting without getting it tested.


These pollutants combine with the sun to form ozone. This ozone then hangs around in the valleys and low-lying areas where the wind cannot reach it and spread it out into the atmosphere. These conditions allow ozone to build up to unhealthy levels and then it must be reduced.




To prevent ozone from reaching unhealthy levels, people must take good care of their cars - like me!  If we are taken care of through regular maintenance, we will emit much cleaner air from our tailpipes.

If not, we can get like Otto. Not only do we pollute the air that everyone breathes, but we do not run well for our owners.





 ohio map

The Clean Air Act amendments of 1990 require all states, including Ohio, to clean up their air. The amendments define the national standards for air quality. If any area in the United States does not meet the standard, that state must find a way to improve their air quality!

This map shows what areas in Ohio did not meet the national standard and were required to do auto testing. These areas experienced high levels of unhealthy pollution on a regular basis. They have now met the standard but they must maintain that air quality for a period of 10 years.  

E-Check is the cheapest way to clean up the air for Ohioans - it costs thousands of dollars less for each ton of harmful pollutants taken out of the air than other possible means to improve air quality. E-Check makes sure that we cars are being taken care of so that people can breathe in cleaner, healthier air.




So... you need to do your part to take care of the air that you breathe by properly maintaining your cars. That way they will run like me, and not poor Otto.

Elsa the car

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